Earnest race to the Promised Land

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By Mahmoon Baba Ahmed

Many believed that the meeting of the leaders was deliberately convoked to heighten the already tensed situation in Somalia with a view to sensitizing the world about the alleged atrocities apparently perpetrated by Al-Shabaab, an Islamist group in that country and in other adjoining states, and to also portray Nigeria’s Boko Haram as capable of slipping into Al-Shabbab’s shoes as it is widely believed that it cherishes its values and manifests its dreadful attributes. The commonly held belief in the West and America is that in the not too distance future Nigeria will become a failed state like Somalia due to the propagation of various factors causing ethnical strife and religious disharmony brought about by divisive antics of the world super powers that allegedly chart the course for Nigeria’s disintegration.

But then the road to Somalia’s hopeless collapse was long and tortuous, spanning over a score of years. It began with the disgraceful and disreputable conquest by the British and Italian colonial masters who united their terrestrial spoils into one country called Somalia. Later it became a battlefield for ideological antagonists and subsequently came under the firm grip of the freemasons who exploited it for their experiment for establishing a new world order for attaining inclusive economic and political supremacy.

That was responsible for the overthrow of the dissolute and corrupt administration of Siad Barre in 1991 and the laying of the foundational stage for the squabbles and skirmishes that tore the country apart and facilitated the emergence of dissenting group with penchant for religious activism. Unfortunately that situation paved way for ethnic conflict between Mahdi Ali Muhammad and General Farah Aidid which degenerated into full blown civil war, instigated by America. America has to beat a hasty retreat from that indomitable country as it was not capable of employing the war to its advantage.

The aftermath of that aggressive war saw the birth of Al-Shabaab, a quasi religious militant group of restive youth, spoiling with revolutionary fervour to stamp their authority in a land wrecked by what they called the excesses of foreign infidels failing to recognize the significance of their cultural heritage and the prominence of their religious beliefs. Regrettably the Al-Shabaab has gone down into the black books of its Western oppressors as a very perilous organisation which must inevitably be exterminated. Already covert and overt actions are being prosecuted to further toss it into deeper crises, hound its citizens and persecute its religious leaders with a view to retard the spread of Islam and suppress its followers. Presently the Western countries are busy conjuring a situation capable of flaring up hostilities between Somalia and its neighbours who will be given necessary support to invade and quash its religious fanatics. No wonder, therefore, the Al-Shabaab agitated youth are becoming more and more disconcerted, becoming increasingly resolved to overthrow the yoke of neo-imperialism which plunged the country into deep despair and anguish.

It is instructive to realize that in Nigeria there exist set-ups and developments similar to those responsible for the upheavals in Somalia which have been giving rise to the escalation of political turbulence and superfluous hostilities. The roots of these unhappy developments are deeply implanted in the needless interference of foreign powers in Nigeria’s internal affairs, chiefly to cause serious disaffection among the numerous ethnic groups and advocates of different religious faiths, with the sole aim of realizing their obnoxious ambition of destroying the country. There are two basic issues bothering the super powers about Nigeria. First is how they can plunder its immense oil wealth solely for their exclusive benefit, while the second is their inordinate ambition of inhibiting the spread of Islam whose influence is rapidly gaining ground universally.

To be able to attain that horrible goal they have to fashion out a condition that will facilitate chaotic situations to warrant forceful incursions into the Niger-Delta oil fields so as to blockade the wells. Because of that they are insistent on persuading our leaders to seek their assistance in dealing with the militants in the area, as well as other miscreants up North, variably accused of wanton destruction through the use of bombs and other incendiary gadgets. In that way the intervention sought by the foreign superpowers will thus be used as a launching pad  for facilitating the permanent occupation of the Niger-Delta, thereby denying Nigerians access to their oil.

That explains why the occasional clashes between various ethnic groupings in the North, motivated by the enemies of Nigeria from without, was erroneously considered to have metamorphosed into the Boko Haram insurgency which also requires urgent foreign intrusion for effective resolution, but in reality that was a deliberate ploy employed to deceive the people into believing that the spate of unrest and unmitigated violence were the handiwork of Islamic fundamentalists and not the machination of the Nigerian detractors.

Now that the Western countries are hell bent in blindly pursuing such destabilization policy they are therefore totally unable to realize that Nigerians are fully aware of their stratagem in order to lure their President into approving their offer of assistance to deal with his country’s insurgent forces whose atrocities he woefully failed to contain. That is regarded as a first step towards turning some countries, including Nigeria, into war theatres with the aim of weakening them before dealing with them decisively.  To attain that objective in Nigeria, they started by giving unprecedented support to forces of disunity in the country to rig the April 2011 general elections so as to pave way for the emergence of the puppets they can manipulate at federal and state levels to help them realize their purpose of sowing the seeds of discord in all aspects of governance.  Nigerians have scorned the insincerity of the Western powers in hailing the April presidential elections as transparent, free and fair when it was after all the most fraudulent ever conducted, characterized by exceptional scale of rigging, arm-twisting of party stalwarts and official corruption.

Needless to say, Western powers have now got the correct person they wanted, installed in the exact position they have anticipated, even as the activities of the insurgent elements, born by their dark designs, are heightening day-by-day. With these developments,   what they now need to do is to direct their efforts towards stoking the fire of the hostilities they had already ignited to further give their intention a desired fillip. In that case it will be difficult for President Jonathan to question the real basis for the new romance with Western superpowers now courting him fervently, who in actual fact they are his veiled enemies.  In the end Italy and Britain will be President Jonathan’s nemesis, and like an underwear scorpion, they will deal a lethal sting to him and his country, in the same way they have emasculated Somalia.

Nigeria and President Jonathan stand not to benefit from these countries’ outwardly benevolent gestures. Instead, their pledge for assistance will be detrimental to the quest for unity, driving a veritable wedge between dissimilar religious adherents. There are plenty of lessons for Jonathan to learn from the rapport between some Middle-Eastern and African countries especially Somalia and the Western superpowers, so that he could re-consider his association with the tormentors of those countries who solicit his support in dealing with them. President Jonathan should first attempt to douse the conflagration that threatens to guzzle his country and not to be involved in the wild-goose-chase of the imaginary enemies in the guise of religious dissenters. Certainly President Goodluck needs to disengage from this ill-omened group, lest he should be railroaded down a steep slope to Somalia.

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