Time to Proclaim our Freedom

By Felista N. Emehelu


Fellow Nigerians it is time to proclaim our freedom from political slavery. It is time to fight and declare our liberty from political jugglers who will pay any price to hold the masses captives for their own selfish interests. It seems that when you think that some of these politicians have bowed out, then you find out that they merely stepped aside to make way for their cohorts; there goals are one and the same to loot the country blind, in fact they compete on who will execute the ploy better. Who will amass more wealth has become the order of the day at the expense of hard working Nigerians.

It baffles me that all these is taking place in the 21st century, in a Nations that boosts celebrated academics, literal icons, talented artists, you name it; yet all these wonderful people’s watch while their nation are been mortgaged to touts, indiscriminately going about the business of rocking the Nations boat. What is precarious about this is that these lunatics parading around the corridors of power play their dirty tricks so glaringly that it makes one wonder whether there is going to be an end to these debacle. What amaze me are how these political infidels who patrol as god fathers, politicians, advisers, seem to have succeeded in this business for this long. They are so myopic and seem bent on destroying the labours of our heroes past.

It is time that someone genuinely demands our freedom, time that some group arise to challenge the status quo, it is high time that some individual regardless of age, tribe, state or political leanings stand up and demand our freedom from these political sheep that have refused to steer the nation forward. It’s time that youths unite and demand our nation back. It is time to resurrect the dreams of our fore-fathers people like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Obafemi Awolowo, Ahmadu Bello…Gani Fawenhinmi and others that fought for the welfare of Nigerian people. We cannot sit back and watch sheep in men’s clothing ruin the dreams of these men; time to stand up and fight by any means necessary.

What planet do we leave in? When leaders of countries like China and India are touring the globe negotiating for the interest of their citizens; these leaders are working tireless to ensure a lustrous future for their citizens; ours seem to be competing on how to siphon stolen wealth unchecked outside the country. Our leaders lack the zeal to move the nation forward, they lack the tenacity to address the issues facing the nation; they lack the courage to seek counsel and lack the will to hire proven technocrats. They are either blind or deluded to not notice that countries like South Africa, and Botswana have left them behind, and yet fail to play catch up. The difference between Nigerian and these African countries is the emergence of leaders who took the bull by the horn and sought means to forge ahead; who sought avenues to stimulate innovations in every sector of their nation. What we have are leaders whose conscience are seared with hot iron; they fail to empathise with the ubiquitous destitute, the jobless, the needy, the downtrodden.

How long are we Nigerians going to be patient for when other developing nations are thriving; parents are sending their kids off to study in Ghana and everywhere else they can afford to protest against the decline of our system of education. Our road which remains the major system of transportation in this day and age of ultra modern railway networks has become mere death traps. Shouldn’t our leaders and their cohorts be concerned about all these, when they travel to deposit their loot abroad do they close their eyes to the pleasures of good facilities or do they pretend that they are not manmade. Or perhaps, they think Nigerians are not worthy of such luxuries and decent amenities. Or maybe, the desire to amass stupendous wealth prevent them from executing similar projects; shouldn’t they know by now that all the monies in the world cannot purchase life nor peace of mind; when will it hit them that what makes like beautiful is the seed of love sown in the lives of others; the downtrodden.

I have kept mute for too long, told time and time again by friends and family that for my best interest that I maintain my silence…why? I have been told that I could be targeted if I speak out against these wolves parading around the corridors of power, bargaining chiefly for their private interest, negotiating for their cohorts. Someone has to represent the forgotten in the villages, the poor widows with kids not sure where their next meal will come from, the people who may die without beholding electricity nor pipe borne water; it sounds surreal but they abound, villages with no thorough access roads yet have politicians parading as their representatives. These representatives dash off with the slightest symptoms or ailments to developed nations for treatment but fail to champion a functional health centre for the people they claim to represent.

I heard that some good representatives that want to shake up thinks are cajoled, intimidated, molested, arrested, and even kidnapped to prevent good work particularly by god fathers loaded with stolen wealth that thinks they can purchase anything with money. Shouldn’t we all stand together and join hands to banish these hypocrites and lunatics from preventing democratic principles. Isn’t it time to put the fear of death behind us and fight for our nation; fight for the future of our children, fight to restore dignity and salvation, fight for justice and equality of every Nigerian, fight for the destitute, the forgotten. Let us all stand and fight for the labours of our heroes past!


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