The Borno’s unending violence: A call for Peace

Saturday 10th March 2012 was another busy day in Maiduguri when people moved endlessly criss-crossing the city to and from wedding venues and receptions. The ubiquitous JTF in strategic location along the roads did not bother them much, since social activities must take place no matter the curfew and harassments by the security forces, provocatively or not. It was however, ironical and inexplicable when some trio was shot at close range by rampaging young men wielding AK Assault rifles at Fezzan road, by Dandali road close to late governor Mala Kachalla’s family House, where a group was resting away from the scorching sun of Maiduguri. Two of the victims died instantly and another was hospitalized from injuries he  sustained from gun shots. The shootings took place very close to the House of Assembly and Shehu’s palace where there were units of JTF operatives stationed, who however did not do anything to counter it. The assailants made away in their tricycle and headed towards Budum. It was much later that the JTF responded. Passers-by were intimidated as usual. DH discovers that the JTF always responds very late to such attacks on civilians anywhere in the city. If it’s against one of their own however they always respond wildly and cordon off the area in search of the assailant who they believe ”live with the people”.  It is a pitiable situation. Residents are always traumatized. Arrests are randomly made where innocent persons are arrested without course. Living in areas where a JTF operative came under attack is usually unfortunate as everybody becomes a victim of their brutality.  This is akin to miscarriage of justice. Maiduguri residents have come to live with fear, trepidation, anxiety and uncertainty over their lives generally. One could get killed by a stray bullet or by misguided fire from either the JTF or the assailant no matter whom they may be. While the real aggrieved members of the Ahlal-sunna- led-daawati-wal-jihad are killing those in their black book or the security operatives intermittently or sporadically, other criminals and political gangs are busy sponsoring hired killers to kill opponents, enemies or to rob the traders, Igbo businessmen or even banks. In all these attacks which take place amongst people in the towns and cities, innocent citizens are often caught napping. “Only God will save our lives in Maiduguri due to unguarded missiles and bullets” averred Babagoni Ali, a resident.   While Governor Kashim is still searching for peace through consultations, discussions and persuasions, the spate of killings seem to even increase on daily basis. The insecurity seems to even increase on daily basis. The insecurity seems to have defied all solutions. Prayers are being said daily in mosques and churches but still waiting for divine deliverance. The bloodshed and bath are quite nauseating. People are killed in gruesome and horrendous manners and left in their pools of blood and our young children go out to see this blood-ridden corpses-“what-would be in the minds of such children and how would they grow up?” asked Ali Modu Wakil in anger and tears. The situation is indeed sordid; “it is cadaverous and cascading,” added, a lecturer in one of the tertiary institutions. The Government is determined to reach a mutual understanding and solution with all the contending parties from political to religious. Governor Kashim Shettima has spoken for the umpteenth time over his readiness and sues for peace with everybody. The Islamists have said  “they are not ready because they are fighting a jihad in the cause of Allah to introduce real Shariah in the North,” according to Abu Qaqa. The political wing to the “Bermuda Triangle” of killings, as Governor Kashim puts it are taking advantage of this to perpetuate political killings in the state. The Economic Criminals who rob people, Banks and Markets also benefit from the Islamic insurgents who do attack JTF and others in order to take over power and thereafter “Islamize” the State. Citizens have been caught in the intricate web of crime, insurgency, political arson, killings and vandalism. The consequences are very severe and devastating. Properties are lost. The customers from where ever have stayed away and this is causing economic retrogression, degradation and stagnation. The major markets in Budum, Bolori, and Baga are now operating skeletally, just as the Banks. Armed robberies take place openly anywhere. The irony of the whole episodes is that these criminal activities and insurgency do happen only in the shanty and ghetto areas of the towns and cities where the ordinary people live. This means that it is caused by poverty, illiteracy, injustice or, those who sponsor them live in the posh areas or GRAs which informs why they are excluded from such bombings or traumas caused by incessant shootings at night on daily basis. Peace is needed for all human activities to take place and blossom; or for economic prosperity to flourish. The society is now dislocated. Fears and anxieties have given way to uncertainties and socio-economic abnormalities. Things are therefore no longer at ease with us.


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2 Comments on “The Borno’s unending violence: A call for Peace”

  1. tahmed
    March 28, 2012 at 1:01 pm #


  2. Nuruddeen Hinna (Presidoe)
    March 30, 2012 at 4:54 am #

    Borno mayhem is not unending because, with GOD Almighty nothing is impossible. let’s all pray one day investors ll b trooping nigeria and Borno as thier final destination, because it has regained it name “home of peace” and be like dubai n switzerland insha ALLAH.

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