God will bring a leader that will sanitize Nigeria and it’s Corrupt Leadership – Adamu Ciroma

Elder statesman Malam Adamu Ciroma has expressed hope that God will soon bring a leader in Nigeria that will correct the wrongs of present and former governments. Ciroma made this known in an interview with the BBC Hausa service which was monitored by our correspondent. The Madakin Fika said, “The only thing is we should continue to pray for Nigeria. It is very simple before God to bring one person and put him and he will right the situation. Like you know the Hausa land was in crises for over 200 years and God brought Usman Dafodiyo, who did not even seek for power. For me I have no doubt and I have not lost my faith that God can bring the person that will clean the mess we are in now. The wealth God has blessed this country with supposed to be of use to the people of the country.

“Where we are standing in Nigerian politics is let the politics be played according to the rules and decorum guiding it. With justice and fairness, PDP came up with a strategy of zoning and rotation between the North and the South. And now the setting has been left to be scuttled. And since it was destabilized the polity lost direction and we are heading into the wilderness. The governing of people must have foundation in truth and justice, not lies and buying people who will go to annual convention and be used in what an individual wants. Destroying the politics is now our problem and the signs are showing that aside dismantling the zoning, there are plots to extend this government and now those that have seen before have seen, and those that have not seen have seen. Because of this we should know what we can do to salvage Nigeria.

“Buying of people started when President Olusegun Obasanjo wanted Third Term, he knows the attitudes of Nigerians and how desperate they are to get wealth and material gains particularly politicians. He was the one that taught present President Goodluck Jonathan after the death of Umaru Musa Yar’Adua to contest, and he knew how people can easily be bought for Jonathan to hold on power and it has come and passed, because it happened.

“Now because of this Obasanjo had continued destabilizing this country and you should know that he is now with President Goodluck Jonathan, example the present PDP convention it was between him and the president that shared the positions. This one got secretary and this other one grab party chairman and the rest also shared the party offices. Because of this the North is yet to rescue itself from this brigandage and slavery, if a mouth is filled with talks it is certain it may be saying what is not correct and morally wrong.In my relationship with Obasanjo he knows me, that wherever I am I will say the truth and my disposition. Like he could not change me, so I couldn’t repair him from his negative deeds. And he knows and all of us should know we have a responsibility of standing by the truth for prosperity.

“It is not easy for the Northerners Obasanjo has been using to destroy the North to overcome the temptation, because they are also using him to satisfy their individual interests. There are people he has helped to become governors, there are people he helped to acquire wealth and those he helped to get positions in different places. Some of them are still appreciating him, and some are still doing it because they want him to help them achieve some other things, because of this everybody is using everybody.”

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2 Comments on “God will bring a leader that will sanitize Nigeria and it’s Corrupt Leadership – Adamu Ciroma”

  1. April 8, 2012 at 3:39 pm #

    Y mallam Adamu ciroma is saying that obasonjo is d one spoiling dis country ? If you remember before late president umar musa, (my his soul rest in peace) brought back 2 nigeria mallam Adamu ciroma wife he is co-ordinator of good luck before election so how is spoiling dis country is not only obasonjo even nothern leader.

  2. April 10, 2012 at 2:20 pm #

    We hear you; but when will this leader come. in this wolrd or the one to come. i say this because you have been aprt of the rot. Kpomkpocious

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