Sheikh Ja’afar: His Immortal legacy

Sheikh Ja'afar Mahmud Adam

Sheikh Ja'afar Mahmud Adam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Last week Friday 13th April, 2012 is exactly five years since the brutal assassination of Sheikh Ja’afar Mahmud Adam. I was thousands of kilometres away on that fateful day when I got some repeated missed calls on my cell phone, which evoked suspicion in me that something was probably wrong back home, hence I called back the caller, a good friend in Kano. I heard his hoarse voice amidst weep breaking the sad news to me “Mallam Ja’afar yayi Shahada” i.e. Sheikh Ja’afar has been martyred, which immediately threw me into confusion.
Nevertheless, after the initial grief that naturally befalls man in the wake of any unfortunate incident especially of such a great magnitude, I came to term with the reality, having firmly believed that, the very Friday on which he was killed and the very circumstances through which the killing was carried out, were actually part of his destiny, which he could not have escaped under any circumstances. After all, I was already sure that, the Sheikh himself never ruled out such an end to himself, considering the course he had willingly and consciously adopted and upheld throughout his meritorious life.
However, he might have never suspected any looming danger against him on that particularly Friday, he probably got up before the actual dawn in order to prepare for the approaching down prayer time, got ready and came out of his home not suspecting that it was his last contact with his family in this world.
Meanwhile, the number of faithful attending that dawn prayer in the mosque adjacent to his house was steadily growing up waiting for him; being the Imam, to arrive and lead them in the prayer as usual. In the meantime, there was a car parked nearby and unknown to anybody, its occupant were on a mission.

In the meantime, upon entering the mosque, Sheikh Ja’afar proceeded straightway to his position as the Imam while the faithful formed neat rows behind him. He started the prayer; his usual melodic and magnetic voice reciting the Noble Qur’an filled the atmosphere with spiritual inspiration.
However, while the prayer was still underway, some occupants of that parked car alighted from the car and in a commando-like style stormed the mosque, got close to the Imam and poured bullets into him ripping his chest and tearing his stomach, hence disrupting the flow of those beautiful Qur’anic verses between his mind, chest, throat and tongue, and indeed triggering an unprecedented pandemonium in the mosque, which resulted in the killing of some of the faithful also. The attackers fled immediately, and the Sheikh breathed his last afterwards.
One can’t help wondering who might have been that cruel to plot and/or carry out such attack. This is even though it is obvious that, in as much as the Sheikh’s vast knowledge, fearlessness and charisma had earned him an extensive base of constantly and phenomenally growing audience, which cut across all social strata, it had equally earned him the anger of many others particularly amongst the society’s elites, their cronies and thugs.
Incidentally, right from the beginning of his clerical activities, Sheikh Jaafar’s religious revivalist tendency, which inspired his campaign for better understanding of the Islamic religion in its original form, had angered the traditional clerical cycles, who have always been the masterminds behind all heretical ideologies and practices that seek to pollute the purity of the Islamic religion.
They were particularly angry and hell bent on undermining his activities, having realized its potentials to enlighten the public and by implication expose their (i.e. traditional clerics) deceptive illusions, which would cost them their largely ill-gotten relevance and indeed the largesse it fetches them.
Also, working closely with the traditional clerics in this regards, are the feudal establishments, who also opposed Sheikh Ja’afar’s revivalist approach for basically the same reason, which explains why the two parties mostly conspired against the Sheikh and his course.
Moreover, Sheikh Ja’afar was equally despised by many other sects, which have always disguised under Islamic religious cloak to undermine the religion, under the pretext of (for instance) championing the progeny of Allah’s apostle i.e. Mohammed (PBUH), and/or “purifying” the religion from western cultural influence; all of which he had consistently exposed and enlightened the public appropriately.
Meanwhile, many powerful corrupt officials amongst particularly the technocratic and political elites were also not happy with the Sheikh, due to his categorical condemnation of corruption and his resistance to their tempting offers to compromise him, as they have always compromised many other religious clerics.
In any case, whoever might have been the actual masterminds of the Sheikh’s brutal murder; they must have been motivated by sheer malice in their desperate attempt to silence him, assuming that by such heinous crime they would simply remove a stubborn thorn stuck in their throats
However, their act simply reconfirmed their ignorance of the fact that, his elimination would not in any way slow down or obstruct the proliferation of truth and the principles he had stood for. After all, over the history, many apostles of Allah and great Islamic personalities were equally murdered for the same reason, only for what they had stood for to spread further. This explains why Allah the Almighty never linked the sustainability and proliferation of truth with the life or death of any particular individual or group of individuals including His noble apostles for that matter.
Interestingly enough also, his assassination has ironically unleashed an unprecedented popularity for his recorded lectures, sermons and lesson sessions. Only Allah the Almighty actually knows the growing number of people from all over the world, who daily acquire his recorded lessons and speeches or access it on the Internet.
I am confident that, the masterminds of his assassination and indeed those carried it out shall bear the actually unbearable consequences of their acts sooner or later, while the Sheikh has remained admired and loved, and most importantly he was apparently honoured by Allah the Almighty for destining his death that way.
The final moments of his life gave glad tidings of his destiny in the eternity, Allah willing, given the fact that he was simply killed in cold blood in the course of Allah and died while performing the most important worship rite. After all, Allah had already said in his Noble Book; the Qur’an “Think not of those who are killed in the way of Allah as dead. Nay, they are alive, with their Lord, and they have provision. They rejoice in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His Bounty and rejoice for the sake of those who have not yet joined them, that on them no fear shall come, nor shall they grieve” (2/169-170).

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  1. Hauwa Umar
    April 25, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

    May the Almi Allah lead us in the right path.Allah ya jikan Mallam Jafar.

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