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Bauchi’s Hopeless Budget

By NASIR AHMAD EL-RUFAI As we explore the issue of Nigeria’s missing federalism, we turn today to Bauchi as we focus on and analyze sub-national budgets, fiscal prudence and good governance. The state is one of the older states with the good fortune of being decently governed in the past – by people like General […]

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A Federation without Federalism

By NASIR AHMED EL-RUFAI If any ques tions remain as to why, despite huge oil revenues and massive borrowing by the government – poverty, unemployment and insecurity have worsened, our detailed analysis in this column of the 2011 and 2012 budgets of the Federal Government would have provided some answers. We raised posers on whether […]

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Budget 2012 (8) – Paramilitary Nation

By NASIR AHMAD EL-RUFAI                       We conclude our review of the security sector budget today by looking at our several paramilitary organizations, their mandates, operations and budgetary provisions in the 2012 proposals. The paramilitary agencies are the four supervised by the Minister of Interior, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) tucked away under the office […]

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