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2015 in View: Political moves and Counter moves

By Obi Ebuka Onochie What is the main difference between a political machine and a political party? A party is organized for a purpose larger than its own survival. A political machine exists for its own sake, its primary; in a sense its only purpose is survival.-Daniel J. Boorstin, American Historian. In the wake of […]

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Action Congress (AC) and Lagos State Finances

By Seyi Olu Awofeso Never in history has any Parliament adjourned official proceedings and marched to the private residence of a politician not holding public office to pledge the Parliament’s un-conditional allegiance to that politician; as happened in June 2007 – after the Lagos State Assembly was inaugurated by the new Governor; Raji Fashola – […]

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The Rumour Republic

By SONALA OLUMHENSE I did not know that President Goodluck Jonathan had such a robust sense of humour as to declare the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Nigeria’s only democratic party. The effort was met with a lot of derision by the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) soon after. Replying to the proposition through its Publicity […]

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