That foreign plot to stop Nigeria: Real or Unreal

Recently an article written by one Gordon Duff, a senior editor in an American journal in which the article was first published, went viral on some social media and websites concerned with Nigeria’s issues.

In the said article, Gordon Duff warns of a plan by some outside powers to balkanize Nigeria, which he supported with some frightening details also. Though not first of its kind, his warning has particularly interested many analysts because it comes when the country is going through some of its most critical moments.

It is also interesting as the issue of the removal of oil subsidy is already up, which many Nigerians see as an IMF & World Bank’s agenda to further frustrate Nigeria economically. Predictably, Gordon Duff’s article has reignited the debate about a possible conspiracy plotted against Nigeria by some powerful powers.

It is noteworthy however that, being a country where hardly if at all anyone seems prepared or indeed bold enough to admit his responsibility of its failure, looking for possible scapegoats is the most important work that occupies the country’s ruling elite and their apologists in order to cover up or justify their failures.

What is therefore particularly unfortunate is how they have been able to delude not only the average Nigerians but even some otherwise well educated individuals, that the country is being targeted, sabotaged and undermined by some powerful external powers, who are allegedly bent on frustrating it lest it grows, to surpass them in development and influence.

In reality, the world has come of age and grown too enlightened to be controlled by some unseen hands as maintained in such conspiracy theory, which incompetent and corrupt leaders around the world are fond of citing as a pretext to cover up their incompetence and leadership failures.

The whole game therefore is a game of interests with little or no reference to the principles of fairness and morality. And this is the reason why every ambitious country works hard to identify its points of strength and develop them into formidable bargaining tools in order to derive as much benefit as possible and avoid as much harm as possible in the largely morality free international political game.

Therefore, it is a big illusion to presume that there is any grand and systematic conspiracy to destabilize Nigeria or keep her perpetually backward. And the longer Nigerians cling to this illusion, the more they actually undermine the country’s prospect of transformation and by implication impose upon themselves a doom not destined by God the Almighty.

So, had there been any conspiracy of such magnitude against Nigeria with its incompetent and corrupt leadership as such, the country would have collapsed long before. In reality, all such unfounded excuses can’t cover up the fact that, apart from being unrepentantly corrupt, the brains of Nigerian ruling elite are too obsolete for modern leadership responsibilities, which invariably requires constant creativity.

And they don’t seem to realize that by clinging to such ridiculous conspiracy excuse, they are actually confirming the fact that they are too dull to unravel and avoid it, which by implication disqualifies them for any leadership position indeed.

By the way, since Nigeria’s independence there have been several countries which have taken their destinies in their hands and resolved to curve out befitting statuses for themselves in the world’s highly competitive socio-political and economic environment. And had they sat back to blame others for their woes, they wouldn’t have reached where they are today.

With hard work, competence and creative thinking, countries like China, Brazil, Venezuela, South Korea, Singapore etc and many other countries (some of which are even at the loggerheads with the alleged conspirators i.e. western powers), have been able to transform themselves into promising, flourishing and indeed competitive countries.

So, even if Nigeria is actually targeted by some foreign powers, its leadership failure is worse than any foreign plot against it, because it is actually such that gives room for the foreign plot to work in the first place.

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