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Celebrating Corruption

That it takes a London court to jail James Ibori, former Delta State governor, whose case was bungled in his own country, puts the all-pervasivesness of corruption in Nigeria in bold relief Southwark Crown Court Asaba, the Delta State capital, has lately become the choice location for movie producers and artistes. But most of the […]

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Ibori’s Many Forgeries, Guilty Plea and my Secent Silence!

By EFEROVO IGHO That Ibori’s infamy hit rock bottom when he finally pleaded guilty to sundry thievery charges because all his forgeries at the end of the day could not pull the wool over the eyes of enlightened courts outside our clime is no longer news. That Ibori is however yet to plead guilty at […]

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The Parable of a missing Needle

By RUDOLF OGOO OKONKWO At the anthill beside Uncle Joe’s fence, I inserted a straw into a termite’s tunnel. The soldier ants gripped the straw and tried to drag it inside, but I pulled it out. Dozens of soldier ants clung to it. I picked up a plumb ant, lined its big golden head on […]

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