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“Northern Governors Are Insensitive To The plight Of The North” – AVM Rufa’i

Continued From Last Edition Considering the leadership crisis in the north and the apparent neglect of the region, do you think the north can stand on its feet again? The issue of whether we can stand on our own should not arise, the issue that should not continue is a situation in which the governor […]

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The Chief Servant’s Itchy Fingers

Allegations of mismanagement and misapplication of public funds have been levelled against the Niger State Governor, Dr. Mu’azu Babangida Aliyu. He has been accused of illegally approving hundreds of millions of naira for himself and other top government officials. Our Kaduna Bureau Chief, Musa Alhaji Muhammad who uncovered documents indicting the governor reports Allegations of […]

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My Fears for Nigeria

I have had cause to be tempted sometimes to merely sit back and watch events as they unfold in Nigeria without getting involved. The temptation is borne out of the fact that our efforts at building a virile and progressive nation has always failed largely due to our own making. But as a patriot and […]

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Professor Itse Sagay on Derivation: A Conflict Between Language and Status

Those who read Law in Nigerian universities know Professor Itse Sagay very well through his numerous textbooks especially on constitutional law. Personally, I have not come across an author on law like him. My thumps were always up whenever I read any of his books as a student of law. I have had contact with […]

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Arewa House

DERIVATION DEBATE: How Northern Leaders ‘Underdeveloped’ the North

Uncompassionate capitalism championed by the greedy northern elite, who own major oil blocks in the Niger Delta, is responsible for the region’s backwardness today By Ohia Israel The debate on the justification of giving 13% derivation of Nigeria’s oil revenue to the oil rich Niger Delta states has of recent become subject of national discuss, […]

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